I just read about the 'Learn to Code' nonsense. It seems some journalists told coal miners to learn coding for a living. Wtf.. As a person doing formal CS education after 1 year of work, i take offense for that comment. Coding jobs are dragged to the ground by these comments which imply that coding is a no skill, for everyone job. Opinions ?

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    There are different types of intelligence: being good at logic doesn't make you good at math. Being physically practical doesn't make you good at Tetris etc.

    I'm also quite annoyed at this thought that everybody can be good at what they want. Most people suck at some things!

    I'd love it if the coal workers just stopped working (being financially compensated ofc) and people had to figure a more sustainable way to get energy though 😅
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    Most people suck at most things.
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    @Kandelborg Actually most of them are replaced by machines i assume. I am wondering how it took this long for that to happen..
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