For obvious reasons, this question only applies if the person who cleans your office restrooms is of the opposite sex.

When the cleaning person knocks on the bathroom door and says, "Hello, housekeeping," what do they think is going to happen? Am I going to yell out from the stall into the hallway, "Taking a crap! Gimme 10!"

I'm not going to yell out anything, ever, not even "Occupied!" because *people can hear me.* I could flush the toilet, but what if I'm halfway through applying a seat cover at the moment and flushing it means having to start over (in addition to wasting both the water and the cover?) It's bad enough when I put down the seat cover and the toilet autoflushes before I can sit down.

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    It's childish to NOT say anything.

    You work with adults and it's pretty normal to shit. Being embarrassed by that is weird in my opinion lol
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    @rantalicious OC-CU-PIED *grunt* 😣
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    @rantalicious I prefer "Come back when you get a warrant" over "occupied" tbh lol
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    Use your phone to play some music/sound.
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    I can handle a colonoscopy. That's a doctor. But random people in the office don't need to know when I'm in the bathroom. They especially don't need to hear me shouting from the stall. If you heard someone yell "occupied," what's the very next thing that happens? You picture them on the toilet. And they are on the toilet. I guess we're all just different.

    It's probably no fun for the cleaning lady either. I don't want a man or a woman telling me that they're on the john any more than I want to tell them.

    I suppose I could just use my phone and test a ringtone or something.
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    @badwiring knock back? :0
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    @badwiring I'm going to go out on a limb and say they won't give a fuck about someone saying "occupied". Especially if the alternative ending is them walking in on someone taking a shit
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    @badwiring you're too suspicious about irrelevant things.
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    Just yell "hold on, I'm almost there" and let their creativity fly
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    Isn't it obvious that the toilet is occupied when the door is locked? And the sex of the cleaning person makes little difference. A toilet with autoflush sounds impractical.
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    @electrineer??? The cleaning person doesn't knock on the stall door. She knocks on the outer bathroom door.

    I have to say I'm really puzzled by the reactions to this. I thought it would at least be a little more divided.
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