Can someone please explain me all these frontend/backend jokes? Oh my God I see like 10 of them every day and I can't understand what the hell they mean. I'm a full stack developer, I write frontend and I write backend. In my life I saw good code in both sides and bad code in both sides.

Why the hell the frontend should look nicer? What's the reason behind? Are maybe developer afraid that someone could inspect the code and write a cleaner one? Do they mean "graphic UI" by frontend and so they aren't talking about code? Are frontend languages better? WHAT THE HELL IS THE REASON

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    Hey you tried medication? Because you are taking something that's supposed to be a joke and over analyzing it.
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    The reason is often the only nice thing is UI which hides the half-assed abominable system behind.
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    What @irene said 😂 these jokes are often legitness tho
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    @hilol if you still want, I'm still willing of read lol
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