Just came back from a new café (to the pedantic among us, yes I know it's a bar.. get over it).

And I met some Apple fanboy 五

So the guy kept on bragging about his shiny iPhone 6.. and I figured that I'd chime in. Due to my short-term memory being terrible, I'll be paraphrasing here.
M: me
S: iPhone usar _/\_

M: iPhone 6 ey..? I've heard about some devices in which the old ones are throttled down in a system update "to save the battery".
S: Yes, biweekly updates!! You can even delay them to tune them down to the time during which your device is charging and can commence its system update.
M (thinking): You've clearly missed the point sir.. but on Android, system updates don't need to be willfully delayed even. They (usually) won't commence unless your device is 80% and charging. OnePlus has been an exception to this though, probably under the assumption that their users are mostly power users that know what they're doing.

M: You do realize that given that your iPhone 6 is quite old already, Apple will very likely start throttling your device during a system update in the next few months, right.
S: What the hell dude.. look, look how smoothly it's been going for the last few years!!! Nothing wrong with that.
M: Just wait until your repair bill comes from those Geniuses 五

M: Sir, you do realize that Apple quotes €600 for battery repairs nowadays, right.
S: What the hell dude!!! I can buy a whole new phone for that much!!
M: Exactly!! That's exactly Apple's business tactic!!! They design their phones as such that the battery replacement (one of the most common repairs) requires you to replace not only the battery, but the whole chassis!!! And on the XS, the battery replacement is nothing short of atrocious!!!
M: Here, have a look at this: https://youtube.com/watch/...
*shows Louis' newest video about him switching to iPhone XS*

S: Yeah that's just bullshit. I bet you're showing me this on one of those crappy Samsungs.
M: No sir. I'm showing this on my Nexus 6P, that is tethered to my OnePlus 6T. Speaking of which, let me introduce you to the Nexus 6P's (one of the crappiest Android flagships to ever exist) repair, the battery replacement of which I've done myself.
(you can watch the iFixit video about it here: https://youtube.com/watch/...)
*explains heatgun, screwdriver, heatgun battery replacement of Nexus 6P and the time each step takes - more than an hour combined*

S: Yeah that's because it's one of those crappy Androids. That'd never happen to this shiny iPhone, look, I've got a $20 battery right here!!!
*shows battery*
M: Sir... That's a battery for a MacBook. A laptop battery.... 尹

I love how willfully ignorant these Apple users are. To them, all that exists is Apple and Samsung (both of which I hate because lockdown). And they apparently don't even know what repair they have to look for when they'll need one.. maybe that's why those Genius Bars exist? 五
I'd love to see the guy's face when the Geniuses quote him the price for battery replacement when his planned obsolescence time comes 五

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    One of the first few sentences of this article was about him being am iPhone user lol

    (The RAM part )
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    @Stuxnet gib 64GB of RAM for sarvur plxx sar _/\_ 五
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    @Condor If I had dollar for every iOS user that said some shit about "because it's cool" or "because it's apple" when I asked why they use iPhones, I still couldn't afford one lmao
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    Is this really true? That power efficiency while charging on an 10s?
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    no offense, but i wouldn't want to be in a bar with either of you :P
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    Just came to say the nexus 6P was my favourite phone of all time... Now I shall crawl back in my hole where I seem to be the only person with this opinion .-.

    Also fuck apple sheep
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    From price/quality ratio people who been bashing apple since forever without owning a single device are only sheep around here. However i do agree that latest products lost their touch and since i buy all my devices based on single value which is time saving ,I've switched to Huawei - new watch and laptop are a blast. You have to understand some people like myself i buy a phone and im willing to pay extra so i should not fix it during it lifecycle which is solid 5 years . I really dont care how much ram there is or if battery can be replaced easily. All the fixing, replacing parts, configuring - i have to manage thousands of servers and i'm really glad if my phone doesnt need that hour of repair/configuring time ever now and then , an hour which i can spend with people close to me - and apple has provided that for a long time , but not anymore.
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    I few years ago, a friend of mine, an independent engineer, had to buy and use an iPhone, because it was the only phone he could sync his contacts with his outlook with. (Absolutely no computer guy.) I'd say that this is one of the only valid reasons to buy and use an Apple product: Because it enables you to do something comfortably all others fail to let you do conveniently, or even at all.

    ...guess that limits the reason for Apple products to a very low number of corner cases...
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    @lxmcf I quite like the Nexus 6P myself as well actually.. but the BLOD and battery capacity and early shutdown issues shouldn't ever have happened in it. Especially given that the battery replacement for it is so difficult.. now that that battery is replaced and the BLOD issue has been mitigated though, I quite like the phone.. especially the screen and the speakers (which I find my OP6T a bit lacking in)... ¯\_()_/¯
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    @Condor I'll admit it had its down falls but my partner had my old one. I had to flash it once(I flash everything from computers.to watches every 3-6 months) and it was a beast.

    Plus I think it had the best design of any phone to date, pixel is ugly, iPhone is ugly and nexus 6p os just pure sex made out of aluminium
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    I recently replaced my iPhone 6s battery by myself within 15 minutes and the battery was about 12€ with skrewdriver and stuff included. 600€ for a battery replacement? I doubt
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    @4h4b From https://support.apple.com/iphone/..., the Geniuses do it only for $299 on the 6 and 6s, and for a whopping $599 for the XS Max which I got that €600 mark from. I recall that I've heard it from one of YouTube's tech channels.. could've been JerryRigEverything, not sure.

    Anyway, if you were able to do it for €12.. that says a lot about how much of a ripoff those Geniuses are..
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    @Condor thats insane. even shops like gravis (Certified apple repair shop) and Media Markt (big electronic reseller) here in Germany offer battery replacement of iPhones 6 and 6s for 49€. Wtf
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    @Avimelekh you don't have to be stabbed to preach it hurts.
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