Goddamn I'm happy that I've put a €3 rubber case on my phone.. it just fell face down from 2 meters height, if it wasn't for that protection, I'd have a €630 paperweight by now 😰

Seems like these things can happen to the best of us (I'm generally very careful with my gadgets).. Today I leaned not to omit your smartphone's protection 😶

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    Heh, that's why I carry my nice and shiny sgs7e in a bulky leather [yeah right... 😁 ] case :)
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    Phones should really come with protection out of the box, without using a case
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    Lucky you. The one day I went out with my phone without its case, it fell and the screen broke. Had the screen replaced 2 days after, only to have it stolen hours later. Haha.
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    @telephantasm ouch, that's terrible... Must've been a hell of a day. Were you able to get it back in the end?
    @RedPolygon OnePlus offers a protective case in the box, not using that one though as I don't find it pretty (not enough red!!!).. so yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Condor Yeah that's an idea but it would be better if you wouldn't even have to use a case. It feels weird to buy a phone with a nice design and then put a cover over it.
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    That's why you don't drop your phone 🤔
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    @Condor Nah. It's gone for good. Got a cheaper phone, now.
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    @Condor I had the sandstone grey case for my OP3 which was super awesome.
    It looked really cool and had a nice rough sandstoney texture, but unfortunately offers zero protection (I learned that the hard way).
    I still like to put it on sometimes just for lolz and show-offs
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    The real question is why would anyone spend that money. Not that is much but a phone for that price isn't worth it.
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    Buy cheap phones. When they break, can replace with 50 Euro. No case needed! Is what i do.
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    @hars777 @hash-table Personally I do quite like the bang for the buck value of the OnePlus 6T actually. No nonsense, kernel source available, top of the line specs like 8GB of DDR4 memory (which in amount matches the desktop PC that I'm typing this here comment on!) etc etc. I mean, specsheet for this thing is easy to find so meh.

    Kernel source in particular is something that I do very gladly pay a premium for though. I've been fucked by Mediatek devices (which is pretty much all you can find in the <€300 budget segments) way too often by now. My tablet, can't build a new Android for it because its kernel isn't open sourced. OnePlus 6T or Nexus 6P - my daily drivers, I want monitor mode support on my WiFi card? Yeah I'll just compile it in no problem. And even if the hardware itself doesn't support it in hardware, I could go with support for monitor mode and some USB WiFi adapters like the Alfa AWUS036H.

    Finally, they're much better built, I've opened my N6P earlier as well as my Acer Liquid Z630 and Doogee T6 "Pro" from a few years ago and the difference in build quality is night and day. Worth every penny I'd say :)
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    A real dev has backup devices 😂
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    @hars777 exactly. It's too damn expensive for a phone.
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    Never bough phone that costed more than $100..
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    I use a $5 screen protector (well, it was a 2-pack) instead of those $100 ones or w/e because the screen protector is SUPPOSED to crack when dropped repeatedly. It's supposed to crack INSTEAD of the screen!
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