Goodbye Ampps, hello Valet!!

Just got a Macbook Pro recently for personal web dev stuff. Previously, I usually use Ampps (like MAMP) for my local development.

But I want to move away from that as I wanted to go through the whole process of setting up my own local dev env.

After 3 days of trial and errors and many deadends, finally managed to get an existing Craft project running on Valet. The most tedious part was figuring out how connect Sequel Pro to local MySQL.

Through this whole process I've learned how to use Homebrew, setup MySQL with Sequel Pro, use Valet and most importantly, learning how to troubleshoot these problems...

Exclaimed a big YES! And mum came rushing into my room thinking I was mad... whateva...

Next step, figure out Docker.


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    you might want to have a look at laradock :)

    Install docker, then clone laradock, create & edit the .env file, edit a few virtualhosts for nginx/apache, then create the containers with docker-compose up -d nginx mysql workspace <whatever>

    and everything will build up automatically
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    You might also want to have some local DNS inside your computer, like dnsmasq

    Can be slightly tricky to configure, but you can have things like:



    where Project<> is actually a subfolder where the virtual host (apache/nginx) targets :)

    But then, creating a project is only a matter of creating a folder in a certain area of your computer, point it on your browser, and bang
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    @Phlisg I wouldn't start with laradock, instead work through the tutorial on the docker website (you won't need the swarms stuff for now). Next look at docker compose.

    Then at https://phpdocker.io/ it's not perfect what they do, but their dockerfiles give you a pretty good start.

    About using a local dns: it's a nice to have, I usually just use either localhost or have an entry in my hosts file like app.local...
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