wk142: geekiest non-dev activity

Definitely music production. Especially when using real instruments and capture their audio, so everything is quantized (i.e. fixed to time grid) and very tightly recorded. I make metal, 'tis a precise genre. For one riff it sometimes take 20 takes, since I record 4 times my guitar.

I've learned for the past 10 years how to compose, mix, masterize, but also learned how to sing, learned how to play the guitar, learned how to compose drums and using my keyboard to play drums (people are often surprised I can play double kicks @ 230 bpm) so that I can have a basic drum layer to further edit

Pretty geeky, not a common subject I talk to people about :D

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    Noice! Do you have some tunes somewhere to publicly listen to?
    (Asking for my dark soul 🤘)
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    I would recommend my top 3 first songs, although on "dead weight" i must rework the clean singing parts (neighbours hear me and I'm shy to shout properly :'D)
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