Full customize bash or install another prompt like zsh, fish, etc: what do you prefer?

I like customizing more because very often it's easier to just copy my config to a new system than installing another prompt. Than I can keep evething in sync via git.

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    I’m using zsh
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    Just plain bash. It does its work well and I prefer GUI anyway.
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    install zsh, *then* customize just like you'd mod skyrim
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    Zsh. Especially with oh-my-zsh
  • 3
    Customized zsh
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    Here's another vote for ZSH.
  • 2
    zsh. oh-my-zsh really helps with customizing it
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    Generally the default bash prompt... once I've set a couple of aliases I'm happy.

    Although I reacenly installed ArchLabs which defaults to zsh and meh... I'm just gonna leave it there.
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