Anyone that has switched from php to node, and why?

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    because we live in 2019 and not 2004
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    Available resources, frameworks, documentations, community, job opportunities, using only js compared to js + PHP.

    On the other hand I was frustrated by magento trying to reinvent the wheel badly, so it was a push from PHP and pull from nodejs.

    Oh there was wordpress too but the market got clogged by teenagers who will do anything for a few bucks and on the other side really hard working talented few who made premium themes and plugins that are difficult to compete with, making the average developer obsolete (in most cases)
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    Cancer is still cancer. *ducks*
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    Not for all use cases. High cpu tasks like search engines or image processing yes but not for the rest as I'm working with small and little e-commerce companies.
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    Whenever my apartment is too cold, I think about doing something with Node.
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    @Jilano just train a model/use Android Studio/run a bitcoin miner
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    Non blocking and can serve multiple requests much smoother. Try express js for servers. Node has a lot of npm libraries.
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    Only temporarily for some projects...
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    Why would I possibly change something what is proven on massive scale projects for something what is just huge pile of mess? Most time I meet backend JS developer, they are pretty new to the IT (like 5 years tops) and they have little to no knowledge about OOP patterns.

    PHP isn't just slow shit like Wordpress or PrestaShop. Also, good PHP developers in our country got almost same salaries, as Java or C# developers and PHP job offerings are much more common than node.js (> 100 PHP ones on job portals compared to just few node.js ones).
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