Me: "Ok, downloaded the (windows) iso, now I need to create a bootable usb"
* Pulls out 4Gb usb drive *
Father: "That iso won't fit on that one"
M: "Oh yeah right, do you have one for me"
F: "Sure"
* hands over 64Gb usb drive *
M: "thanks"
* Checks content *
* "Backups 15" directory and other old files *
"Guess I can use that"
* dds iso on usb drive *
dd: "done"
M: * Reboots *
Pc: "Nani the fuck is that supposed to be"
M: * searches online for solutions, tries out 2 different ones, one being provided by microsoft *
P: "lol no"
F: * comes in *
"Is it working?"
M: "Nah, windows a bitch"
F: "ok, can you copy me some files on the usb in the meantime?"
M: "Sure..."
{ How did he know that the drive is currently empty? }
* copies files onto stick *
F: * sees empty usb drive*
"Did you delete the contents on the usb?"
M: "Kinda, that happens when you create a bootable usb drive"
F: "..."
M: "Why do you ask, was the something important on the drive?"
F: "Idk, doesn't matter anyways now, since the contents are gone"

Btw, it still doesn't boot from the usb drive. Windows 10 iso is a bitch.

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    Media Creation Tool?
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    Try USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 if you can. Also avoid using USB hubs. I had problems like tahr with me desktop until I used an USB 2.0 port directly connected to mobo.
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    Also: If you intend to use that USB stick as a Linux bootable stick at any point in the future, you might need to clean the drive with diskpart. Formatting didn't do it for me, due to partitions being created that formatting didn't catch
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    Could have asked your father about that data
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    Try rufus
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    Any data on a usb stick is disposable
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    Sometime is the fucking uefi signature missing ... That shit
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    @Haxk20 Failed me as well
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    @Awlex Then there is something wrong with the USB or PC
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    restore works much better now. I saved my pc from amd overdrive disaster
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