(Dev)Life in the past 12 hours

Oh boy have the last 12 hours been a roller coaster ride for me. Noob me decided to "compile" AoSP for my device to get a taste of how custom ROMs are built from source. Overall it was fun but the errors were a very good excercise for googling, SO. Couple stuff I learnt ( possibly useful for anyone who comes here )
* The shebang line ( #!/usr/bin/env python ) on my system translated to Python 3.7 environment instead of the expected Python 2.7. Best solution I think to avoid confusion is to create a python 2.7 environment and source it.
* Get your trees right. A jar file called WfdCommon.jar ( apparently known as wifi-display common ) was the cause of several hours of hunting the fault. My vendor tree somehow didn't have this file so dex2oat was borking out like mad. I'm still amazed how I figured this one out almost by myself. ( Basically I had to check every file included in the boot class path, and find the odd one )
* I wasted a lot of time in finding the right files to change version numbers and all. Maybe I didn't search XDA properly for a guide ?

Overall it was a fun experience. Also if anyone's experienced in this area could you share resources to learn more about custom ROM development? Specifically on the tweaking part where you mix features from different ROMs to make a great ROM ( like AoSP extended or Pixel Experience ). All I could find were on the zips and not on sources.

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    Man, that ASCII art (AOSP EXTENDED?) sucks
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    Suprised nobody mentioned me. Last develeoper of android 6,7,8,9 for Xperia P.

    All custom ROMs have sources on github.

    About the errors well yeah. You will get looooooot of them. Most of them are easy to fix but i hit sometimes one that takes a week to fix. Its crazy.

    Well i wish you good luck.

    Also learn what all the drirectories are and what do they contain. Also learn how vendor and device tree works. Also learn structure of kernel. Trust me you will thank me later if you learn it.

    Try editing all the shit and see what it does or the way i did it is choose something you want to do and try to code it in.

    Good luck again
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    @asgs yeah. It's AoSP Extended.
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    @Haxk20 Thanks 😀. I think over the weekend that's what I'll try to do.
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    @silverstar here is github manifest of their sources. Just follow instruction and you can download the sources
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    @boopboop the name reflects what I was doing 😆
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    Just noticed you were compiling for potter... I'm currently running ArrowOS on mine, but if you ever need a tester once your ROM is finished just hit me up 😅
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    @flocke hey. Thanks for that. Had to downgrade because com.qualcomm.qti.performance was not registered or something. Everything using web view was borking out. Found https://stackoverflow.com/questions... but didn't help much. Let's see what can I do.
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