"Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect. " - Benny Hill

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    I used to train with a guy that went through airborne school back in the 80's. I found it quite surprising to hear how many people survived a jump when their chute didn't open. He said it was so common for it to happen they had a term for it, you "bounced."
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    Like I always say, you can skydive without a parachute.... Once.
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    @M1sf3t Out of curiosity, how did they survive without parachute? Have they fallen in sea or latched to someone else? :)
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    @PurgeXenos think they dropped them over a marshy area flying at a relatively low altitude. Between that and teaching them how loosen up and roll when there feet hit the ground I guess that was enough. That’s not to say they all survived, He said he watched them pin one guy from their company a few hours after it happened only to then watch the guy drop dead from internal bleeding as he was falling back into the formation.
    The bigger worry apparently was your rip chord not releasing properly and slapping you your ass up against the side of the plane a couple dozen times before the jump master could get his knife out to cut you loose. He said at those speeds it was impossible to reel you back in so not only were you falling without a chute at that point but if you hadn’t broken your neck already you were at the very least unconscious an unable to brace for any sorta landing you might hope to survive.
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