I work with junior developers, guiding them and teaching them on a daily basis.. my biggest pet peeve?
When they finish typing code and without testing it ask: "Is this right?"

HOW THE FUCK DO I KNOW? Seriously! I don't know what all your specs are, maybe try running it before asking??


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    Because they are still young enough to believe that "adults" know what they're doing.
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    @Jilano true, sadly though my favorite is the one who nods, says yes.. then does the exact opposite of what i said. several times now :/
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    This reminds me of my juniors 🤣🤣, but where the hell is curiousity? One should be curious! Right?
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    @Hoyden88 Haha! Have you tried saying the opposite of what you want, just to further test this theory of yours?

    @chiraganand Yes! Can't go far in life without curiosity (I'm not talking about the robot).
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    rm -rf /

    "Is this right?"
    "Nah you forgot the --no-preserve-root"
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    @Hoyden88 just say no, and walk away.
    They’ll either work out how to run it or go insane wondering what the hell they missed.
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    Ask them to find it out and explain to you why it is right.
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    @C0D4 I honestly have fun saying, well no red squiggles, so it must be right... logically right?

    the confused looks are worth it XD
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    That's fine. The real issue is when you are only mid level and have no say on anything high level like hiring.. Then they hire a dumbass who can't do anything... But you go OK everyone has to start somewhere so let's help him as much as I can and do my best to not get annoyed... Or at least try not to show it constantly.. Then they constantly want help but simultaneously won't listen to you so you have to repeat every aspect of your explanation 5 times until they listen

    Honestly if it was just - is this correct? - I'd be happy.
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    They are looking for confirmation. They are obviously unsecured which is ok because they are junior devs but they also seem to respect you and care for your opinion so do everything to encourage and support them.

    The first senior you work with is crucial for your success and motivation.
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    This is part of what I’m worried about with finding my first dev job. Not that I’ll ask too many questions or ask questions before I’ve tried things, but that I’ll ask too few. That I tend to research a problem and only ask for help when I’ve exhausted all of my other options. My worry is that I won’t find solutions fast enough and they’ll perceive me as incompetent. :(
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