Just wanted to share a really cool sounding song with everyone. I’m sitting in my car in the rain and just playing this loud as fuck and it’s an amazing experience.

Artist: “Carbon Based Lifeforms”
Album: “Interloper”
Song: “M”

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    I love CBL <3
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    CBL is awesome
    You might also enjoy Aphex Twin, Stellardrone, and Solar Fields

    Also try playing Tears in Rain from the Blade Runner soundtrack when it's raining, amazing feels
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    Just added CBL station on Pandora. Nice and chill. Thanks!
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    If you like that type of music I made a playlist on spotify a few years ago called Developer$hell. You might like it :)
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    @konicm8ker so, is that Developer $hell, or Devrloper$ hell? Just want to clarify your intent...
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    wasted opportunity to make it a JSON
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    @iAmNaN yeah my inside joke is that its developer hell, that's how I say it. Tho most people call it developer shell with the $ referring to linux shell home. And if you ask google assistant it will say developer dollar hell xD
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