A girl i liked sucked at programming, used to fail our first programming course. I had a crush on her so i offered to tutor her for free and did a couple of her assignments when she was too overloaded with assignments. - Plan worked, she saw how nice and reliable i am so she did and helped me with some papers and eventually shes my girlfriend now.

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    I don't know, seems like a scam
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    @mundo03 when she starts to stand strong in webdev she will break up with him
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    @BadMeetsEvil 😂😂😂😂😂
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    Nah we both graduated, im working shes doing her masters and it only gets more serious :)
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    @BadMeetsEvil the secret is never stop until shes tired of rejecting ☝🏻
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    Notice the way how they made you think it was your idea to do their work..

    I wonder who is helping them with their homework now..

    I had one like that, then I found out she was seeing someone else on the side, no doubt an upgraded model to replace me one day..

    Enjoy the time you have together now, but plan for if things end.

    If sharing a house, expect to lose it in the "transition" period..
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    @AymanH that is even worse
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    Nah everyone is different. Maybe she really fell for him for who he is rather than what he can do for her.

    A girl nicely making you do her favors is universal. Doesn't make them borg like. You will find someone perfectly suited for you, just chill and be positive about it
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