Err...lang jokes

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    That's not a joke, it's a fact.
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    :D :D :D
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    Or golang. Both are much better options.
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    I see Erlang, I ++
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    I talked in love with Erlang/Elixir sometime ago. I was working implementing actor model with F# and Akka.Net, it was nice at the beginning, then the limitations were evident. Golang wasn't an alternative for us, so I started to read about Erlang but the sintaxis is... something difficult to understand (if you don't have time to spend with), and Elixir is more "readable".
    The correct tool for the work.
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    @maushax I did an internship in Erlang, hated the syntax initially too but you know...it sort of grew on me and I noticed I hardly ever made mistakes after the first week.
    It's a bit of a dinosaur, sure, but it has a very predictable structure.
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    I never did erlang before, but there was a test for a internship that required us to pass in erlang, it had very predictable answers to all questions that were asked. I scored 87/ 100 and was ranked 7th to my surprise. I didn't take up that internship but learned a bit of it after that.
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    Or node, or c# (tasks)
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