Big Brand Company

Wasted 2 days on induction about what to do and how to do.

After 2 days, Reach at workplace and called my line manager (LM). after 2 3 calls, he pick the phone and said please reach to 3.2L5

Now what the heck is this term how the hell I know what means by this magical number. It was never told in the induction that what building name is denoted with.

Called LM again and now LM annoyed at me and said to enter into building and ask for XYZ person ..I asked whom I need to ask..He said ask anybody..

When I enter I ask a security guard there and he was like numb...There are fucking 5000 people in the company.How someone will know by name..Is that guy is superstar or something?

Again called the LM, Now he yelled at me. ..Why you are asking the security guard ..I said he do not allow me to enter so what I need to do..I requst him to please guide me as I am new and nervous here..

Again no luck ..Asked already 4 to 5 people..

Finally one guy who also joined with me, helped me to reach the guy.

LM was actually running late and when he reach, I came near to him 2 greet ans he again shouted with loud voice " What are you doing man"


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    So day 4 is you quitting??
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    @karma not at all. Part of life..I enjoy it actually
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    @CoffeeNcode yes that was induction.. On boarding process for 2 whole days
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    @CoffeeNcode indeed I like to involved kya been a month and no one is caring to talk with a new guy. Even I went to the HR who were giving induction for 2 days and she reluctantly say they are not the right person and go n talk to your LM and LM is too rude at very first meeting so I avoid it.
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    @CoffeeNcode I met 1 of them and he was good guy but reason for being good that he is actually want me to do the work which assigned to him.

    It's strange , he is junior post and I am hired as a senior post but team replacing me on his place.
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