You are a developer and you will only log time you're actually working. This means you will not be logging time spent in meetings, chasing for specs, requirement clarifications and similar. You must log 8 hours each day.

^^-- wtf?!? Is anyone else working in similar conditions?

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    Time to look for a new employer
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    Tell your manager to get some good IO psychologists
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    wtf? This can't be legal.
    Option 1)
    Ignore this BS and log your time at work.

    Option 2)
    Don't go to meetings, don't write specs etc. This doesn't seem to count as work (because you are not allowed to log time for such activities).
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    @thoxx this. Quit going to meetings
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    An acquaintant of mine told me this is the environment he's working in. He's been 'lended' to another company by his employee. The employee is allright, but the client's terms startled me. I was wondering whether that's a thing and anyone else is working under similar conditions. If not I'll recommend the guy to consider blowing the whistle
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    @netikras not legal here (Texas)
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    I was in this situation in one occasion. I talked with my boss (because the PM was doing whatever the client asked). He understand quickly (he was a developer when young), and instruct the PM to fix the mess he caused.
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    Your time starts at the start of the day, it ends 8 hours later.
    If you have a day of meetings, then you had a 8 hour day of meetings.

    Just log a blanket 8 hour day “I did stuff”
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    Mechanic shops will keep a tally of your billable hours, but thats not the same as the time clock you get paid from, they use them to base your pay and schedule your raises.
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    Where are you from? Nickname suggests Lithuania, where I've personally been in such jobs myself.

    The issue is - people are used yo getting paid by the quantity of things they produce and not by the hours. A lot of jobs relies on efficiency rather that value and this is why developers are paid for their main job - writing code, rather than anything that surrounds it.

    I've personally got out of this situation when I stated: if I don't get paid for meetings, I'm not attending them and as you know - this is the place where we discuss our goals. If I don't go there, I have no tasks to complete and therefore your project will stall and I'll leave to a next company where they have jobs for me and will pay me for staying 8 hours there no matter what I do.

    Ps. Paying per line written or just coding time is illegal in most countries as you held a person without payment.
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    If I didn't get paid for all the work I do that is not programming in my developer position, then I was out the door so fast, it broke Mach 3.
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