Which one should i get?
Dell E6220-6230 or Lenovo X220-230?
Maybe save up a little bit for a Dell E7240?

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    better get a Mac Book Pro
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    @rajilsaj I only have 2 kidneys to sell. :D
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    I have the x220t (tablet version) it's great, everything I need from something portable. Touch screen was used for uni notes when I was there, but mine is 5+ years old and still going strong.
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    And what do you guys think about the X250? I heard good and bad about the newer thinkpads.

    Btw thank you guys for the feedback!
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    I've used many different Latitudes and I was always happy with those. In the companies I worked for, it was often a standard issue laptop and IT departments never complained about those machines. The E6xx series includes a metal body (which improves its sturdiness a lot) but it might be a little bulky for some. I have only worked with recent Lenovos and they felt fragile to me. Plus the once legendary ThinkPad keyboard was turned into some kind od joke.

    I own E6230 and it's a lovely machine. It runs flawlessly under Debian. You can easily get used one for the price of a medium tier smartphone (and E6220 even cheaper than that).
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    @tnnn How does it handle Win10?
    Im planning on dual booting it with Linux.
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    @Felesbandi Truth being told, I've never tested it with any windows version - it runs Debian exclusively. However, it came with win7 preinstalled and few of my coworkers used it with win7 (they never had any technical issues), so it will probably run win10 too. It doesn't really require any weird drivers, as far as I'm aware.

    If going for second hand one, check the battery health (can be verified in bios).
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    @tnnn Okay thanks for the help. :P
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