There is a dude in my office who keeps clearing his throat 64-128 times a day!
It is getting pretty annoying!!!

Sometimes it sounds like a horse neighing...

Should I put some HALLS on his desk?!?!?!

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    Tell him to try this... It works every time but there are some side effects to be aware of...
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    @helloworld ahh, the need of only clearing your throat once and then you're cured! :D
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    Sony WH-1000XM3

    ... you’re welcome :)
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    @jeremyIglehart I have the MX2 version and they have been put to the task
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    @MHammer step 2: listen to dubstep...
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    @jeremyIglehart I'm more of a DnB kind of guy.
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    Who the hell kept those halls on my desk
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    Dammit.... It ain't me. I don't work in an office.... But i gotta clear my throat a gazillion times a day, too... It does suck ass ... A lifetime of drink, smoke, song, etc... If you're lucky enough to last this long and live the adventures I have, you'll be clearing your throat like a mofo, too
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    @shivayl I actually overheard him and some other co workers talk about allergies at some point, where he added that he had none....so I do not know the real reason why he does that. But I am able to rant about it cause I'm the new guy, and my other co workers do not bother about it anymore
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