After having spent countless hours of my life in tech, enough hours to be years..

I can safely say:

No technology will ever beat the frustration that is having to deal with people.

Code might be horrible, work might be an endeavour at times. But NOTHING..NOTHING beats having to deal with customers that are rude, impolite, disrespectful..downright abusive at times, condescending et.c.

It becomes this gnawing sensation that never just goes away..the first ones don't matter, after a couple of months you get gripes but bite down.. sometimes it just makes you feel psychotic.

and all you can do is laugh about it.

I don't have a problem with tech, I have a problem with the nature of people.

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    That's why I, for one, welcome the coming of our robo-overlords.

    People will communicate with other people through chatbots.

    person A --> chatbot
    chatbot -> person B
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    Be with the right type of people, that's it!
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