This is a true story in India.wht about Luther countries.

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    My mofo .net lecturer did fuck all for me, true ballbag of an old man fart,
    interrogated the shit out of me cuz he didn't have a fucking baldies what was happening in my projects, tried to make a tit out of me in my shared programming project , whoo paaa'd the shit out of him when I walked him through the Bluetooth stack and explained why we only operated on the first or second layer because of device specifications (6+years ago) the look on his face was priceless like watching a burn victim watch back draft for the first time , boom, although I credit his shit behaviour to my motivation lol, wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire though
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    Behind every Texan engineer, there's a Heavy yelling "POOTISPENSER HERE!"
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    This was kinda the whole school that didn't let girls have programming classes.
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    In India we don't even have programming classes till 10

    It's a great f***
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    @joelparavara and those classes are worth something if you get a teacher that knows what he/she is doing, which a lot of them dont.
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    @Lenyct the language used here is beautiful 😂👍
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    @tisaconundrum complaining/rambling English is my 1st language ill let you know :p lol cheers lad
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    Awesome film! Seen last week - many laughs, many cries. (Film on pic: 3 Idiots)
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