Looking for some advice from anyone who has used and transitioned away from Material-ui (React).


Tasked with removing the Material-ui used in our react project. Old team took shortcuts like using these types of frameworks at every step and the software is brittle.

Any advice from anyone who has ripped Material-ui out of a project.

We are doing this to move away from CSS-in-JS and this is conflicting with every fucking element in the fucking project.

<TextField> with it's special internal props
<Buttons> with its fucking "classes" prop that one take fucking CSS-in-JS

Any advice or just say some random shit or post a GIF for the lulz.


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    Aside from making your own drop in replacements, I'm not sure. Can't you just override the default styles of material-ui? Not sure if that's possible, mind you.
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    I'm just overriding defaults with muitheme, a lot easier then trying to handle the classes etc
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