how do you tell your "higher ups" that their practices/code are/is terrible?

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    Refactor, commit, done.
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    @devlajf lol they don't use version control. xD
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    @surgiie start by that 😂
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    @azous I don't want to sound like an asshole lol
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    @surgiie how do you do If not by version control? just show them how ridiculous easier it would be with some learning , using some VCS and you might have some more respect with other opinions maybe, at least it worked for me this way.
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    @azous we literally do things the old school way. upload the files directly to the server lol. I'm slowly integrating Git but these guys are super old school and honestly don't know what they are doing. they were storing passwords in plain text till I got there lol
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    @surgiie they did this manual thing too over ftp but the password thing 😵😵😵😵😨😨😨😨😨 omg lol
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    @azous yeah I was shocked too. I was even more shocked when my boss told me he didn't know what hashing and salting was. He also told me 2 days ago he didn't know what csrf was when I asked him. lol

    but I'm the junior developer?
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    @surgiie lol yeah, I saw some cartoon a while ago here on devrant that said something like: no matter how experienced you are if the used technologies are new.

    Something like that. They are experienced in doing old school things. Not new "modern" things.

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    @azous yeah I honestly don't feel challenged here which is why I'm always looking to get involved and collaborate in the open source community.
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