How do you guys manage your dotfiles? How do you organize them and prevent your home directory from filling up?

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    Have written that one for myself
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    All my relevant dotfiles are just symlinks pointing to the actual files, that are in a cloud-synced directory, so that I can easily share my config between all my machines.
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    @TobiSGD That sounds still complicated considering you need to keep track off all these symlinks?
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    @Kyu96 Only when I have to setup a new machine. Doesn't happen that often.
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    I just ignore those. It is very rare that I need to change something in them, so don't really care. If I do really need something then usually I have reference, SO or other tips open with command pointing to the correct file that I need to edit.
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    I keep my important ones in my KeePass. .vimrc, .bash_profile, .Xdefaults, .xinitrc, and a few others.
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    I don't look at them. I only use ls or CTRL+H when using a GUI
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