Bricked my android device the other day. Took a whole day to get it working again.

Why do phones have to make it all so complicated. It should be like PCs, being able to install anything as long as it matches the CPU architecture.

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    Because Android version is compiled against a specific kernel, you know, a device just has specific peripherals, like wifi card, Bluetooth, GPS, so they build it around that, to have the best performance and low issues. Maybe that's why?
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    My phone got soft bricked from an OTA update on HTC M9...
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    @apex If PCs can do it, I don't see why they couldn't shove all drivers into the kernel and then let the system choose during first boot. Who care about the extra few megabytes of space you're sacrificing, at least it's universal and works on all devices without fuss.
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    @LumpBloom7 It's not just the drivers, think further. It's also the CPU architecture, the fact that it's based on a Java-like runtime for making apps "universal" and "compatible".

    Trust me, they have a good basis of studies and more to justify the building of Android for a device.
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