First tor relay is up and running. Works well, all good.

Want a faster one as well (nearly 1gbs) and trying to set it up but the control port won't get its fucking ass up. No clue what's going wrong :/

Probably missing something but idk what.


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    theNSA upvoted this rant.

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    Note to self: don’t create a tor relay, @theNSA adds you to a list.
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    Oi good luck! Tor needs it's relays
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    @C0D4 I'll talk to them and ask them to remove ya @linuxxx.

    If they don't, then I'll throw a temper tantrum and get my like usual 😂
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    @C0D4 @linuxxx TOR is government sponsored, creating relays benefits everyone here 😁
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    @theNSA Don't put him on a list.

    Or do I need to sneak into an American nuke plant? 😂
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    @theNSA “sponsored” that’s the story you’re going with 😏
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    @Stuxnet Well he's on the list of relays, but I'll keep him off the other ones
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    @linuxxx Are both relays on the same OS using the same Tor versions? Are the torrc files the same for both machines (except for the bandwith obviously)? What do logs say, any particularly interesting messages in there?
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    And does your relay run? Not being able to access the control port doesn't mean nothing works, but maybe that's exactly what you meant. Just trying to understand your issue
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    @kenogo Will take a look tomorrow, bed now, thanks for replying!
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    @linuxxx will I be able to make this my first relay ?
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    Open up dirport also,

    Controlport should be just be able be opened up with torrc, set it to 9050
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    @Linux Both are open!
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    and as mentioned before - is tor running?
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    @Linux Ended up reinstalling the entire server and bam, it works.

    Reinstalling again due to wanting to try out open stack.
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    @Linux Seriously all I want is an open source vm management system which allows port forwarding. Openstack can't do this easily either so I'm going back to virtualbox yet again 😑
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    Never used openstack, but why virtualbox?

    Oracle is a horrible company
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    @Linux It's open source (requirement for me) and till now the only software that has done what I need.

    If you know of an open source vm management system that allows port forwarding, please tell me!
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