What would you choose:

- 35% raise + professional growth

- flexible hours with occasional home office but no professional growth


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    Prefer not to say.
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    Beware of homeoffice, it can be double edged sword.
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    flexible hours if it means you can get enough solid blocks of time worked in to focus on your own contracted and personal projects, that's were the real money is. Can't be a slave to the man all your life 💁🏻‍♂️
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    @M1sf3t Just what I came to say. Flexible hours mean you can learn on your own if you want to.
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    Do you live by yourself? Then home office also allows you to spend time with them

    Also if you have a lot of shitheads on your workplace, then it’s just better to stay at home
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    In my case right now: 35% raise + growth 😀
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    Not a home office.
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    I'd go for the raise. Working from home is a double-edged sword for sure. It's hard to separate work from personal life when doing this. And I often find myself working more than I should, which I guess would be further exacerbated by the flexible hours 🤔
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    100% raise + professional growth + work from home

    // And above all, a girl taking care of me every 4 hours
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    If homeoffice meat less wasted hours and resources, that in turn may be used working something else, I'd probably go for it, as it would also allow for professional growth.

    But occasional in my dictionary means "not really".

    In that case, I'd get the one with higher pay and professional growth promise.

    But, again, every workplace I had that promised me "professional growth" turned out to be just the promise. That meant I had to grow outside of my workplace, studying and building a better portfolio.
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    I took 1.

    I don’t have the space for a home office. Plus almost everything I need to work with has ip whitelisting, so that just creates more issues then it’s worth.
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    @dejaime yeah, there is no promise but the actual job have no standards, no real dev culture, my boss is self taught poorly ...

    The higher paying one have those, the boos is more competent and everything, at least it seems that the worst case scenario in terms of what I can learn from others and the environment is way better than my current job and I get a sweet raise
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    Used to think that homeoffice is great, but it is utterly horrible.

    You blur the line between work and relaxation, as you are essentially permanently at work. Also your productivity drops like the Mir space station.
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    I have 4 cats.
    Working from home is not an option.
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    Flexible hours doesn't mean flexible how you want? Flexible as in how your manager wants. In other words he can call you up at midnight to fix a bug and shit like that.
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    You guys realize that "home office" doesn't necessarily have to mean "home" office, it just means you provide your own office.

    I can't speak directly for the software industry, but with the auto/equipment repair, by the time a full service shop accounts for building expense, the parts department, management fees, not to mention the downtime they have to account for to keep a mechanic on site when there's nothing going on, I make more on my own with 8 hours of physical labor than I would every think about getting in a 50 hr week working for someone else. Granted I have to cover the work all the other departments are responsible for, but the thing about that is that I was already doing that working at a shop, I just wasn't the one responsible for recording the data in the computer, they made me write shit out by hand then turn it in so that they could record it. And I'm making all that while only charging my customers half the rate of any full service shop they might visit.
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    Half the rate as an auto shop at least, I'm about 3/4 that of a tractor shop, but that's only because there's less demand for them to turn things out within a couple of days so they get away with not having keep as many mechanics around and thus don't have to account for as much downtime when things are slow.
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    Raise and growth
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