making a blog, what cms should i use?

i plan to program it little, and i need to publish things from my phone

i have a namecheap hosting plan

wordpress is a 1 click install, but they have alternatives too

i saw wordpress has an app, but people on devRant keep talking about how wordpress is shit. what should i do?

i've not used a cms before

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    If its really a blog I se no problem with wordpress.

    It was designed as a blog.

    Its when its used as a generic cms and the theme rewrites mostly everything you get problems.

    Many wordpress sites use multiple plugins that not always play nice which can cause performance and stability problems.

    If your main use of the site depends more on plugins than on vanilla wordpress, start to look at alternatives.

    If you could go with a vanilla wordpress and use plugins just for look and feel or edge functionality wordpress is probably as good as any.
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    The problem with Wordpress is trying to use it for everything. It is very good for blogging.

    Also heard good things about Ghost from an overexcited coworker.

    I personally use Jekyll though.
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    Not really for blogging, but for websites in general: I've used Craft CMS for couble of projects, but not sure if mobile support has improved. It's feature locked though, but good for one person and single language.

    Currently looking to use PageKit and / or making partitially custom solution on top of Symfony.
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    Considering how simple it is (that's a good thing!), I would suggest something like a flat file CMS (or simple in general):

    - Hugo (https://gohugo.io/)

    - Grav (https://getgrav.org/)

    - October (https://octobercms.com/)

    - Pagekit (https://pagekit.com/)

    - Neos (https://www.neos.io/)

    - Wagtail (https://wagtail.io/)
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    I disagree, WP sucks even for blogging. I know, because I tried. I got so angry about how terrible and buggy it was that I’m planning to roll my own solution.
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    Wordpress sucks, but it fits your requirements.
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    I recommend October CMS.
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    @dejaime jekyll is markdown right?
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    @calmyourtities It is, likes lots of others too. You could even use something like Gitlab pages with your own domain to save on the hosting.

    (Also makes it super easy to publish from anything)
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    If you like to code look into a static site generator like Jekyll or eleventh and use netlifycms and host for free on netlify
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    @calmyourtities Yes. And there are several themes for it. You can also tweak how the static generator works, to do whatever specifics you need it to do.

    I made my own theme so every page had a table of contents, and some other random tweaks. It is really flexible.

    Oh, and I have it hosted on a Raspberry Pi.
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    @Voxera I'm trying out Ghost too and it seems pretty nice
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