i started using reddit i few days ago


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    You should probably stop using reddit again.
    It's like 4chan, but somehow... more invasive and consuming. And full of idiots.
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    I actually found devRant through a reddit thread a while ago, and since that day I've actually spent a lot more time on here than I have on reddit.
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    Our whole organisation runs on Internet Explorer 🙁
    People just started getting access to Chrome. Luckily I am among the few who are allowed to work on Mac+Chrome
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    I suggest uninstalling reddit, you'll thank me later
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    Reddit has a darkmode
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    @inaba I recently got rid of it, because it was sucking away too much of my time. I feel so much better now.
    I should uninstall Youtube, and Devrant too 🤔
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    Probably the same with those accounts with 123456789 for password...
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    Yeah... Our school still uses internet explorer. Someone has told them that it is “more secure”
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    That's a lie. Bill Gates has his basement full of laptops running it. He stares at them and laughs every day, madly. I saw that at infowars.
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    Nice tag 😂
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    Holy shit, this is a revelatory notion 😲
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    I am one of the 3% and can confirm that the Reddit post is true.
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