What's the point in being successful if you're not happy? :/

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    How can you be successful if you're not happy ?

    What broken definition of success are you using that doesn't focus on happiness ?
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    @ItsNotMyFault You don't get it.
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    @Hishiro i assume you're american then, i could never seem to understand their concept of "success" since it is so similar to failure.
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    @ItsNotMyFault Haha yeah I am, how's it different where you are?
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    @Hishiro here we would say that those who have a good happy life are successful rather than define success as having things like <wealth/power/status/whatever> which really doesn't matter since they don't make anyone happy.
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    @ItsNotMyFault Ah I see, yeah I wish it were like that here
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    @Hishiro It's in your mind you have to make up that opinion.

    Beeding successful is not just about what you perceive, but also others. And most people see a happy family-person with food on their table as quite successful humans.

    Some want more from life, I do, and I work my butt of for it.. But I try hard to keep my friends and stay happy - that's my marker for success: friends and happiness (hopefully money & influence)
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    The point is being financially strong.
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    @cursee The better, short answer lol
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    how can you ve happy if you're not successful?
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    Being successful and unhappy is still better than being unsuccessful and unhappy.
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    Happiness is something we are conditioned to perceive by our cultural surroundings, mostly growing up.

    You can rewrite yourself to be happy regardless of what the society "dictates".

    For example ... Imagine that dude that has no legs or arms and does some motivational speeches (forgot his name)...

    That motherfucker is probably happier than me, more financially stable and has a wife and kids.

    He could be vegetating in some basement crying about his life but he decided to grab life by the teeth and show who the fuck is the boss.

    Edit: this dude
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    Happiness is the roof, success is your foundation. But a proper foundation does not make a roof by itself. A roof is a roof and you need to apply what is necessary on each floor of the house you call your Life.
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    Sometimes you just have to let go!
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