Sometimes having a family is more stressful than work... love my wife and daughter deeply but they are exhausting 😓

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    I always love to go back to work after family holidays 😉 no big deal, I truly understand you
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    It’s a stress of its own nature.
    To escape we go to work, where we injure a different stress.

    Viscous cycle only few survive.
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    But sometime family is more pleasant than work, so equal i suppose
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    Once I got my own private room / den for work at home, this problem is mostly solved :)

    When I am with them, I don't think about work and vice versa.
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    @ajit555 and you get to be alone in that "den" at home? Lucky fucker.
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    Trap king!
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    Just put it in perspective: One day you and all your loved ones will be old and moldy in the grave.

    Work is a necessary evil.

    Family is a gift.

    Because once YOU die, you only live as long as the people who remember you.

    And one day too, all that *THEY* were, all that THEY are, will be forgotten.

    And then all that you loved will be no more.

    If you have a choice, always think of this, and remember: no one else gives a fuck about your existence except the people who would be impacted by you dying.

    Always think about the work vs family decision in this light and you'll rarely make the wrong decision.

    Also daughters neglected by fathers at work all the time end up growing up with daddy issues. It's important to spend time, teach, answer questions, and never leave them with the impression they bore or annoy you. They'll learn quick not to even bother trying to spend time with you.
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