Feels pretty dann good. Had it deactivated for the past few months, and finally pulled the plug.

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    I missed so many parties after deleting my FB account. I must say i regret that a little bit.
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    @JohnDoesNot feels bad, man. Hope you found another way to contact those people and attend these parties.
    I moved away from my home country though, and the people I care about have my phone number. Besides, I'm not a party person, so that's not a worry for me.
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    Everyone has my phone number, but still it’s the default way for people to announce a party. “I thought i invited you”. Well, maybe also the fact that i’m kind of a cunt doesn’t help me too.
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    Welcome to the club!
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    @JohnDoesNot if I want someone at my party I’ll find a way to invite them. The people who forget about you aren’t really your friends.
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    """"""""""Permanent"""""""""" """""deletion""""""
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    @CatMDV as if they'd delete my data, right?
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    Only right thing to do after we've been getting scandal after scandal...
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    This gives me anxiety. I do social media management for brands and businesses. I also coordinate a lot of my social life through FB. Unless I want to eliminate a significant portion of my income, AND become a forgotten hermit, I’m going to have to stay on FB.
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