How can any sensible person but Apple AirPods, when their wired earphones break just by looking at them

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    Bowers & Wilkins
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    @iAmNaN I wouldn't also like to walk around with something which yells "STEAL ME. I'M EXPENSIVE AS FUCK".

    Alos walkingbin public with full headphones looks silly to me, I'm talking earphones.
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    @athlon B&W makes in-ear "buds" that are highly rated if music is your thing. I doubt most people would know what B&W, or even B&O are. This is Bose and Beats territory.
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    8€ JBL earphones ftw! Sounds good (unless you're some hardcore audiogourmet), cheap, microphone + button, doesn't break immediately, 2 years warranty (consumer rights yay)
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    Well, AirPods aren’t wired, so that argument makes zero sense. It’s like asking why do people vape when smoking cigarettes is bad for you.
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    @Charon92 yeah, B&O are pricey, especially the BT ones. B&W have better reviews than the B&O, although they have a price tag on them. Where I work, we get points that can be converted to Amazon gift cards as a perk, so the price doesn't hurt as much.
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    Also for that price they sound garbage.
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    Got a pair of the B&W C5 S2s for my birthday. Really nice. I thought Nora Jones was sitting in the room with me...
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