What's the longest code review meeting you've ever had? We're about 3 hours into this code review so far, and it doesn't sound like we're going to be done anytime soon

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    Are you by any chance surrounded by fiery pits, blood-curdling screams, and politicians? You might be in meeting hell 😁

    Is this normal, how big is the feature being reviewed?

    Just curious, since I've never been taught how thorough you're supposed to be. I did introduce code reviews at my job but I told people not get bogged down in individual lines of code and instead focus on design/patterns and the big picture. Pretty much what I gleaned from my "how to code review" Google search, hopefully I wasn't too full of shit 😇
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    What's a "code review meeting"? :O
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    @gronostaj Idk, being locked inside a room together with someone from work for the better part of a day sure invokes the same feelings of dread as a meeting... But yeah, you're right.
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