Our post offices now test E-Voting and give 50'000CHF to the first one who manipulates the Voting system, on Gitlab, A guy named "FuckThePost" made the Source Code public.

Love that guy...

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    @irene Wait, I mistyped, the Source code is public, not the Crack.
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    @irene it seems to be pretty bad. Some cryptographers posted about it
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    @irene Matthew Green from the John Hopkins univerity said "I love Cryptography, but this thing... It scares me.
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    Whats the point of only using "legal" tools? I don't know how its in the Swiss, but in germony already attempting to crack the security is kinda illegal, so this competition is won by default?
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    An online voting system.
    That will not end well.
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    I love the smell of corruption on voting day
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    @BurnoutDV They want it to be cracked and the winner gets 50k, when he reports the bug of course, but still... I dont like it...
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    @Mizz141 but in the Text it says "Attackers are only allowed to use legal ways".

    If i am not misstaken, every meaningful way to interact and temper with any system to find weaknesses is basically against the law
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    @BurnoutDV Probably stuff like breaking in to the servers physically, or manipulating people to give them Access codes etc...

    Really bad stuff...
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