Xcode Lockup #35: Changing Variable Names

You right click on a variable and get the opportunity to change the name throughout the project. Yea!

It does this funky visual collapse thing which is rather nice, showing you everywhere it is used. Fancy. And the world needs more fancy, doesn't it.

For some reason instead of letting me change the variable, I get the Beach Ball Of Death and Xcode unceremoniously quits. BUT NOT BEFORE THE FUCKER SAVED THE PROJCT FILE STATE. What?

Now I re-open the project and yep, we are back into the variable name change fancy interface and Beach Ball Of Death. Looks like the project file is now fucked.

But it was oh so important to give me the fancy folding interface... we (Xcode dorks) will fix the defects later.

Time to do some research and find an Xcode manager mailing address... cuz I'm really tired of this shit...


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    Update... DevRant worked around the defect in Xcode (sorta kinda).

    After re-launching the project 5 or 6 times times and having it wipe out each time, I relaunched it and while in BBOD, I clicked the non-reactive "Cancel" button about a dozen times. Then I gave up and flipped to DevRant to find some catharsis, leaving Xcode to jerk off in the corner.

    Got lost in DevRant for an hour and I come back to Xcode to find that one of the clicks on Cancel actually found a gap in the BBOD lockup... and it kept it from the unceremonious quit. That saved the project file status and now I can use the project file again.

    Backing that fucker up quick!

    Thus... DevRant apparently is an Xcode app debugging tool! 🥰
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    Did you change your screen name because of this 😂😂😂
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    @filvia-sederici I found DevRant because of Xcode!
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