Time for cleaning up keyboard !

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    I'll do a full cleaning at the first weekend of spring. Some keyboards, monirors, 2 servers, a workstation, re applying the thermal paste. Oh boy, Its gonna be fun.
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    At first glance I thought that was an actual keyboard with one of the worst layouts ever :P
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    There Yugo. I like that, even though I hate French.
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    This is the ultimate keyboard layout
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    @kweakzs It actually wouldn’t be bad if the arrows were just moved over a little.
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    @p100sch How do you know Yugo ^^ ?
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    @RedzTwist I once played wakfu and discovered that there is a TV show on France 2 or 3. After watching the first two seasons there I bought the three books, the ogrest and Noximilien special and binge watched the Dofus series. Sadly the server I played on does not exist anymore. I loved Pinpin and Eva, or should I say Papa😁.
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