Never went to Uni.
I am currently a College student (UK).
I've also got a part time job as a Web Developer.
I've got this job because I was able to prove myself.
Nothing I've learned at the College is useful for my job.
I've seen a lot of fresh graduates getting jobs at my company. They think they know their shit - that is until they get smashed by reality.
From what I've seen the CS degree is not worth a penny. I might still go to Uni but I'd rather choose a different subject.

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    I don't agree. It's not worth a penny if you're in the realm of frameworks, gluing things together with libraries. Not to look down on that kind of work, it earns my living. Yet, a course about algorithms and data structures is an eye opener. Or image compression with dynamic programming.

    Someone need to go to those classes to write the fuzzy search library which we implement in the end.
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    Learning algorithms just doesn't seem a good reason to go to University.
    We've learned a bunch if these in the College, everyone with a good understanding of Maths wont have any issues learning them (just need a coffee and a good book).
    On the other hand 80% of jobs out there are based on frameworks, so basically 80% of people don't need CS degree.
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    What's the college name ?
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    That's a trueism. You hardly ever need school to learn anything. In the end, some discipline, an IQ slightly north of 100 and good explanatory material will be enough. But on the other hand, how often have I set out learning something just to fail and later on to discover that it was actually dead simple and either I was lacking a basis without knowing it or my chosen book/tutorial was just not good enough.
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    @TheCommoner282 I follow a simple test: If I can explain something to a beginner programmer, then I understand the topic, if I can't, then I look for other sources of information - including my older colleagues and friends. At the end if I have to learn something, then I'll always learn it.
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