So I’m panicking a lil bit.

I applied to a bunch of summer co ops from like feb 20-25. I haven’t heard anything from any of them yet - not all of the postings have been closed but my first choice posting closed feb 22...

I know it hasn’t been all that long but I’m pretty used to getting responses (non dev jobs) within like a week and I’m scared that I won’t get ANY responses.

Most people started applying for co ops in December, and I know I procrastinated a lot, it’s just unlike regular jobs where u keep applying till u get something, it seems like co op applications shut down by now, 3 months before the summer term.

Did I screw myself over? Is it too late? I’ve never applied to co ops before and I just REALLY don’t want to spend another summer bagging groceries...

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    Felt this way for my first job apps out of college when I was used to bartending. Sometimes it takes a while to hear back. I got an interview three months after one of my apps with a very prestigious organization. Be patient, study interview questions, add to your portfolio, play some video games. It'll work out.
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