I've worked on dozens of projects now and I have tried using several CSS frameworks. Every time I experienced using a framework much more of a hustle than using custom CSS for the design. If your design gets a little bit more complex or unusual you will spent hours on fixes.

For me the times of frameworks in CSS have passed.

Tough I kinda like Vuetify, but then I haven't used it on big projects yet.

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    That's pratty much my idea aswell, but I think Bulma solves most problems quite nicely
    You get all the basics and layouting, but it still allows you to do all the stifling on your own :)
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    So far I'm happy and in love with UIkit
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    Meh, I do both use a CSS framework and custom written SCSS, it's unrealistic that a framework will suffice all styling needs, imo.
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    @h4xx3r true, but doing the fixes with hundreds of '!important' is annoying.
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    @Wombat when it comes to that I directly change the framework styling and variables to suite the needs, I particularly dislike overriding with ! Important. You don't need also to use important if you override the same classes after the inclusion of the framework, but if the framework does use important like a bitch, I would follow my previous resolution u.u
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    @Wombat that's why I ended up using UIkit. I just override the sass variables mostly.

    That said I don't have to deal with fancy ass wow amazing cool bling bling design requests.
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    Do you have a moment to hear about tailwind?
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