PM: we don't want longpress events, it is way better to clutter up the ui with checkboxes or toggles ... Users love toggling toggles

ME: npm-install-90sUIKIT

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    @irene on mobile I think they are ... Looking at the popular apps
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    @irene yeah in the browser world, different story 🤠 oh well, I know now how I can waste away the remaining end of this week 🤣🥰
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    @karma tbh I don't find long press intuitive on mobile either. To me it feels more like "We've run out of ideas how to implement the action differently... Screw it, we're going with the least discoverable option".
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    @irene I do believe longpress is intuitive for context menus, or hidden options for power users.
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    @irene That's fair. OTOH some things I've seen respond to long-press make me face palm. Switches, texts, sliders. The real world equivalent would be to long-press door handles. It makes no sense.
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    Most long press functions I’ve discovered by accodent while trying to do something else.

    What I really hate though is this force touch business.
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    Long press should be used just for actions which are done really sporadically or by just few users. It certainly isn't good for some common actions.

    If toggle or switch is considered suitable for the task by PM (who will have same opinions as some random user in terms of UX) then using long press would be really unintuitive.
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