Noob here. I'm an Android guy, looking to create a web app. Looking for pointers on where to get started learning. It's going to be enterprise level. Basically a hub of operations for small companies ~10-30 employees. Handle a lot of private info, see need to be secure.

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    Int * you = howToStart

    „You“ is your pointer now.
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    If the number of users is less and u need the application quick use mean stack. Otherwise go for spring framework
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    Small companies rarely use enterprise level apps.

    The main difference is that real enterprise feature focus much on integration with other systems and administration of massive amount of users and data.

    Small companies seldom needs this and are likely to view such features as bloat or obstacles.

    If the target company is 30-40 users, focus on how that company are going to use it.

    Will you host the app or will they use a local server for it?
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    look into firebase or amplify. Easy setup and you really only have to worry about how the ui looks and functions. amplify comes with a framework baked in, firebase has a dozen starter apps and code exercises that use angular for the frontend.
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