Now I've seen it all!

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    i would like to just say one thing... burn it, and the dev with fire!
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    What a waste of class

    Save the web, use css efficiently
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    I wonder what their thought process was.
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    @M1sf3t benefit of the doubt, script kiddie would be acceptable too
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    Besides inline style, there are a lot of reasons why one would do it:

    - strong already has a default bold font, so you don't need to increase it with font-weight

    - strong is used for screen readers, to underline with voice, but it's not required to appear bolder
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    Let's hope we don't see:
    <strong style="font-weight: bold">1</strong>
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    @crisz Agree. It's strange, but semantics and styling are two different things. Would like to keep the styling out of the document structure and put it into some kind of ... style ... sheet ... tho, this messes with your mind.
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    @M1sf3t correct, it was page numbers beeing set :)
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