Dear fuckface,
Fuck you and your Electron gobbling up RAM like it's free food at a all-you-can-eat buffet. It's not. Please take your Electron and fuck the fuck off from my computer.
Sincerely, with a double middle finger and double middle toes,

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    Post this comment on their git.
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    *looks up from VSCode*
    *goes back to VSCode*
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    Is it worse than just with Chrome? 🤔
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    @Sweash Think Discord, VS Code, caprine simultaneously running with Firefox, VLC, notepad++.
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    @PythonTryHard At this point I forgot why I was ranting but I'm pretty sure I was trying to install something onto my computer (4GB RAM laptop) to aid development but the moment it run I saw it split into processes and a slow boot time so I thought "Yea that's Electron. Nope." and nope the fuck out the program

    Edit: It was UnGit
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    this reminds of those posts chanting and bragging about how performant javascript is, go eat a fucking dick, fucking ram hogger piece of shit
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