I have been developing laravel projects with PHP 7.2 for a month on my new macbook air. Today i had to work on php5.6 project and got really frustrated cause homebrew doesn't have php5.6.

Should i install ubuntu?
Is there anyone using ubuntu on macbook air?
What are the problems?

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    Docker? Vagrant?
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    I hope the only reason why u are working with php5.6 is to upgrade the project to at least php7.1
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    One word. Docker.
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    a r c h i s q u i c k e r t o i n s t a l l
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    @gintko @dennie170 I heard of docker, but don't know how things work.

    Just tell me one thing:
    I will have my project files on mac folder which i can edit via sublime on mac. Then i will add that folder as volume to the ubuntu docker and access the project via chrome on mac.

    Is that possible?
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    @abkcode that's totally possible. docker-compose will create a mount which automatically syncs, and it will expose a port so you can visit it in the browser.
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    @dennie170 Thanks I ll learn docker now.
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    Be careful with your boot loader. Is it it php56 you want to install? Brew must have it?
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    @dennie170 Thanks for showing the right path. I can now experiment with containers and not break my machine.
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    Good to hear! Once you go Docker, you'll never go back
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