When Google recruits, I guess they don't need to ask you anything, since they are already tracking your every move.

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    Google tries to recruit @linuxxx
    First question: "Who the fuck are you???"
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    Grass is green.
    The sun is bright.
    Linux sucks

    Any other common sense statements you want?
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    @metamourge fake news. You can't hide completely. They've got a picture of him lol
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    Google: Hey there, Rabbi... watcha doin?
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    I think linuxxx won't ever know about them trying to recruit him because the mail would come from google.com. As if this packet even enters his router at home.
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    @nitwhiz I am still looking for a way to entirely block out google except for YouTube but I've already iptabled Microsoft and Facebook out :)
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    Like are you changing anything soon like your camera angle!
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    Same with that lizard-robot dude that runs a company whose logo looks like fedora's logo
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    I considered applying to the NSA, then realized what I was doing.

    They are probably discussing if they should send me an application anyway. 😕
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    @Root Hey I don't appreciate you talking about my parents like that, mkay?

    I've thought about wanting to apply (after graduation) too, but idk. I'm probably too stupid to get a job anyways lol
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    @Stuxnet ha.

    And yeah. Idk if they'd hire me, either.
    I do have some history with government work (it's been long enough that I can talk about it, just not in any detail), but that was tainted by a coworker. Doubt they still use the project anymore or they'd probably have been after me to continue work on it.
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    @Root I've got a prof who was in the army for 20+ years in the IT field.

    Thought about doing something there as well.

    My biggest issue is I don't want to leave North Carolina. I love it here, most of my friends are here and it has two cities I'd love to live in.

    Good thing I've got a few years left before graduation lol
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    @M1sf3t Yea like I said, I ain't tryna leave NC. My prof told us a lil bit about himself and he moved a lot. 👎🏻
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