When Google recruits, I guess they don't need to ask you anything, since they are already tracking your every move.

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    well duh....
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    Google tries to recruit @linuxxx
    First question: "Who the fuck are you???"
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    Grass is green.
    The sun is bright.
    Linux sucks

    Any other common sense statements you want?
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    @metamourge fake news. You can't hide completely. They've got a picture of him lol
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    Google: Hey there, Rabbi... watcha doin?
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    I think linuxxx won't ever know about them trying to recruit him because the mail would come from google.com. As if this packet even enters his router at home.
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    @nitwhiz I am still looking for a way to entirely block out google except for YouTube but I've already iptabled Microsoft and Facebook out :)
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    Like are you changing anything soon like your camera angle!
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    Same with that lizard-robot dude that runs a company whose logo looks like fedora's logo
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    I considered applying to the NSA, then realized what I was doing.

    They are probably discussing if they should send me an application anyway. 😕
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    @Root Hey I don't appreciate you talking about my parents like that, mkay?

    I've thought about wanting to apply (after graduation) too, but idk. I'm probably too stupid to get a job anyways lol
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    @Stuxnet ha.

    And yeah. Idk if they'd hire me, either.
    I do have some history with government work (it's been long enough that I can talk about it, just not in any detail), but that was tainted by a coworker. Doubt they still use the project anymore or they'd probably have been after me to continue work on it.
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    @Root I've got a prof who was in the army for 20+ years in the IT field.

    Thought about doing something there as well.

    My biggest issue is I don't want to leave North Carolina. I love it here, most of my friends are here and it has two cities I'd love to live in.

    Good thing I've got a few years left before graduation lol
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    @Stuxnet dude you don't want to go into the military. Not enlisted anyway, you get a degree they might fast track you through ocs and then you won't be paid so bad, but prepare to work with outdated shit all the time if you go anything but air force. Also prepare to get your duty station moved around all the time. Unless you go guard but then see the previous statement but add a shit training schedule, shit pay, shit benefits and a stagnant good ole boy promotion system.
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    @M1sf3t Yea like I said, I ain't tryna leave NC. My prof told us a lil bit about himself and he moved a lot. 👎🏻
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