Why is the mediamaking noise out of Microsoft open sourcing their calculator app?

How is this helpful for the majority of community?

What's next? Open source notpad? And call them pioneers of Open source

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    Because the media do nothing but over hype useless things.
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    @C0D4 come on... The community was waiting for such app for ages, be thankful 🙄

    Jokes aside, I get you, time to find a new news source...
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    @gitpush sorry, my bad. My life will never be the same without MS giving me access to 20+ year old code that solves everyday problems.
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    @gitpush No. No and No.
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    So that people bash windows less
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    Media overhypes stuff as usual, this is probably just another team getting clearance to open source something. MS is too large for this to be a big executive decision.

    Also I guess it's kinda hilarious that we have an open source calculator from a corporate giant.

    But the more open source friendly Microsoft becomes, the better for everyone.
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    I have two things to say: fuck media, fuck windows.
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    I agree about it being stupid that media over-hyped the open sourcing of the calculator. However I welcome this move from Microsoft. Not because I needed an open source calculator app, but because it gives a real example of a modern windows app. I think that seeing how it's done internally at Microsoft is a better example of using the APIs than the examples that come with documentation. I see it as a learning tool and I'm confident that their intention was that as well.
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    @devTea bash? i think you mean batch.. 😂😂
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