I'm shit tired of dealing with people. Especially on online. I wish I can live a life without internet.

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    Or literally without any human.
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    By not using social media, you would avoid up to 90% of people's bullshit.
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    And if you disconnect from Internet, you will avoid human interaction thru Internet at up to 100% success rate.
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    You actually can live life without the internet.
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    I'm going to use a cultural generalization, something I rarely, if ever, do. Here in the United States I have realized that people are obsessed with being seen as "nice," regardless of how truly puerile, venal, and sinister they really are.
    One thing about online is you don't have to respond to others. Unless it's business, simply don't reply. I've begun doing this a lot more lately, and I find my sense of being in control has increased.
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    I remember life before the internet..

    I had no friends..

    Oh wait, I've no friends !
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    😳Whoa now that just crazy talk.
    No internet?😬

    I mean I get the no people part, but I gots to have my gig speedy Netty. For um🙄 research 😏
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    Jini.... Your wish is granted!
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