Can anyone suggest me a good nice linux distro which use apt and looks really nice ?
Thanks in advance 😄

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    I use KDE neon themed with Numix and icons of Flat-Remix. Have not had any problems with it :3

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    Ubuntu :D or Elementary OS. Or both, switchable - just install `ubuntu-desktop` on Elementary or `elementary-desktop` on Ubuntu. Then select DE on the login screen.
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    @gronostaj what is the difference between two?
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    Deepin is good but there are rumours of it being a spyware.. install Ubuntu and install DDE
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    @irene Elementary is basically Ubuntu with alternative DE. So however you install it doesn't matter much, unless I'm missing some details. GRUB theme will probably be different, whatever you install last wins.
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    Kubuntu or pop os!
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    Ubuntu mate with papyrus icons and arc theme
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